Phase 2

Advancing Towards Innovation

Phase 2 represents a significant step forward in the CHAD 2.0 project, as it focuses on introducing groundbreaking innovations and infrastructure enhancements. During this phase, CHAD CHAIN's unique blockchain ecosystem starts taking shape, providing a solid foundation for future developments.

  1. CHADCHAIN Blockchain Idea: The vision and specifications for CHADCHAIN, a 40-validator maximum Polygon-edge Proof of Authority (PoA) blockchain, are meticulously outlined, ensuring the network's efficiency and security.

  2. Validators Spot Announcement: Validators are appointed based on the amount of $C2.0 tokens they hold, providing opportunities for active community members to contribute to block validation.

  3. Deploying Testnet Layer 1: The testnet for CHADCHAIN's Layer 1 is deployed, enabling rigorous testing of the blockchain's functionalities and ensuring a seamless transition to the mainnet.

  4. CHADCHAIN Mainnet POA: The CHADCHAIN mainnet is launched, powered by the PoA consensus mechanism, which ensures rapid transaction processing and enhances scalability.

  5. Bridge Conception from BNBchain to ChadChain and Vice Versa: A bridge is conceptualized to enable smooth asset transfers between CHADCHAIN and Binance Smart Chain (BNBchain), enhancing interoperability and expanding CHAD CHAIN's reach.

  6. Dex/Swap and Chart Launching: CHAD DEX, the utility that simplifies transactions and visualizes contract information, is officially launched, providing users with essential tools to navigate the CHAD CHAIN ecosystem efficiently.

Phase 2 represents a pivotal moment in the CHAD 2.0 roadmap, where the core elements of CHADCHAIN, the innovative blockchain, are established. With validators, testnets, mainnet deployment, and the introduction of CHAD DEX, the project's vision comes to life. The advancements made during this phase set the stage for a resilient and powerful ecosystem, propelling CHAD 2.0 into the forefront of the cryptocurrency revolution. As Phase 2 concludes, CHAD 2.0 is well-positioned to redefine the landscape of blockchain technology and shape a future of limitless possibilities.

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