Driving Growth and Liquidity

In the CHAD 2.0 ecosystem, we have carefully designed a balanced tax structure for purchases and sales that aims to drive marketing efforts and ensure a healthy liquidity pool (LP) to benefit all stakeholders.

Purchase Tax:

When investors make a purchase of $C2.0 tokens, a 6% tax is applied. This tax is primarily allocated to support marketing initiatives, empowering us to expand our reach, attract new users, and build a robust community around CHAD 2.0.

  • 5% goes towards Marketing: Fueling marketing campaigns, partnerships, and promotions to enhance project visibility and attract more users to our ecosystem.

  • 1% is dedicated to Liquidity Pool (LP): Strengthening the liquidity pool to ensure smooth and stable trading experiences for our community members.

Sale Tax:

For sellers in the CHAD 2.0 ecosystem, a 9% tax is applied on sales. This tax structure is designed to incentivize long-term holding while continuing to support marketing efforts and liquidity.

  • 6% is allocated to Marketing: Supporting continuous marketing endeavors to drive project growth and maintain a strong presence in the crypto space.

  • 3% contributes to Liquidity Pool (LP): Ensuring a substantial liquidity pool that fosters confidence among traders and provides liquidity for smooth transactions.

Balanced Approach:

The purchase and sale tax structure strikes a delicate balance between promoting long-term holding and driving essential aspects of the CHAD 2.0 project. By directing a significant portion towards marketing, we can fuel our expansion and create awareness about the project's unique features and innovations. Simultaneously, the allocation to the liquidity pool aims to enhance trading experiences and provide stability for $C2.0 token holders.

The purchase and sale tax structure in the CHAD 2.0 ecosystem reflects our commitment to fostering growth, liquidity, and community engagement. With a balanced approach that prioritizes marketing efforts and maintains a robust liquidity pool, we position ourselves for long-term success and sustainability. Together, we will continue to innovate, adapt, and drive the CHAD 2.0 project towards an even brighter future.

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